Lumley Castle Hotel

exterior photograph of a castle

  Lumley castle for Bespoke Hotels, chester-le-street Lumley Castle is a gorgeous English castle, steeped in history, elegant decor and beautiful natural surroundings We photographed the hotel and the services it offers over the course of two days.  A combination of ambient and artificial light was used to create mood and dynamic imagery with consistent theme across all aspects such as rooms, exteriors and their food an drinks offerings. .

NUcastle Foundation

Photograph of the exterior of a large sports facility in Newcastle during the day

NUcastle Foundation for Ryder Architecture, Newcastle Upon Tyne “This building is not just about the bricks and mortar.  It’s about making people believe they can become what they want to be.  It’s about education, the classrooms that provide people with the opportunity to learn, the digital hub that we will have, and the four courts in the sports hall, the fitness centre, event space – this is about excellence in every area of life”  Shola Amoeba, former Newcastle United footballer and NUFC foundation patron. Photographed over the course month at the beginning of summer, the NUcastle Foundation sits a short distance from Newcastle United’s home stadium, St Jame’s Park. Photography principles were to show the various areas of the facility in use, and how the metallic wrap around frame work of the building interacts with the landscape surrounding it, whether that be the colours it takes on over the various points of the day, or the way shows are cast either on to, or from the materials. Timing in some images was critical and this varied from sun rise shots to create interesting beams of light in the interior, or dappled light from the surrounding trees that were blossoming when we first arrived, to dusk images to highlight the colour shifts of the reflected ambient light. Careful colour and exposure  control was used to create clean and strong contrast between blacks and whites of the interior design elements to match the colours of NUFC.